Punta Suarez, Hood Island
May 4, 2005
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A marine iguana An albatross sitting on its nest Albatrosses kissing 
This time we had a bit of a walk, some of which was a bit tricky as it was across rocks, and it was very hot. It was worth it though as we saw absolutely loads of albatrosses. Mostly they were nesting but we saw one pair mating and then knocking their beaks together almost as if they were kissing! There were also lots of albatrosses flying around overhead. They're very graceful in the air, but bad at landing and taking off. In fact to take off they have to kind of throw themselves off the cliff!

We went to the "Blow hole" but it only blew once while we were watching it, which was a bit disappointing.

Then we walked amongst some blue footed boobies - there were loads more than yesterday and we did get to see some dancing, but not that much. They were nesting almost alongside the albatrosses in places.

There were lots of marine iguanas around the landing point. They were huge and a mottled red and black colour. Again, they posed nicely for us so that we could get some good photos. Of course they were sealions again - they're everywhere - and some were playing around the panga as we left.

There weren't so many fish around the boat this evening, but there were still quite a few and some sealions. The stars were lovely again. Took the opportunity to have a few drinks - a pisco sour and daquiri for me and beer and wine for Justin who's glad to be free from antibiotics! 6am start tomorrow (we actually leave the boat at 6.30) so bed at 10.30pm


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