Frigid's report
May 2, 2005
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Here I am in front of Misti - an active volcano outside Arequipa Found a load of guinea pigs, can't imagine why anyone needs so many Here I am in an igloo-come-bread oven at the St. Catalina convent 
Hi all,

Alice and Justin have gone for a coffee, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to give you a bit of a penguin's perspective on the trip so far. Some of you have requested photos, so I've done my best, but I'm having trouble uploading the Machu Picchu ones, so sorry if they're not available.

Well, I've been having a good time, although I'm pretty tired of travelling around in a rucksack and being left in the dark for hours on end, but there's not really any alternative being that I don't have an actual ticket for any of the flights.

I enjoyed meeting the condors at Colca Canyon, although they do tend to shout a bit, must be pretty deaf with all the wind whistling around their ears. I also ran into various other tourists, some of whom were quite pleased to see me, and others who just seemed surprised to meet a penguin at the top of a mountain. I don't think people are as open minded as they think they are sometimes, just because you've got flippers doesn't mean you don't have feelings.

Off to the Galapagos tomorrow, hoping to meet up with the penguins I ran into last year to catch up with them, and maybe chat to a blue footed booby too. That's all from me for now,



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