Signing off from Lima, Peru
May 1, 2005
Well, this may be the last chance we get to update the website - we're not sure if we will have Internet access on the boat, so thought we would take the opportunity to do a last update. If they have access at our hotel in Ecuador we'll try and upload a few more photos.

We've really enjoyed our time in Peru, and would recommend it to anyone, although we did find that you need to be reasonable fit and not prone to altitude sickness! It's funny how you get comfortable in a country just before leaving it - we're now perfectly comfortable buying things from the little mobile stalls on the street, fending off people trying to sell us things and generally being out and about. We like the way people call you "friend" and we like the people we've met. They don't mind if you accidently ask them "where is the postcard" instead of "how much is the postcard" or order 12 croque monsieurs instead of 2. They don't even laugh at you for doing it, even when you're laughing at yourself.

So this may be it, Adios, see you in about 10 days!

Alice and Justin x


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