Wandering around in Lima
Apr 30, 2005
Had a few mini excursions today - first of all we needed to get some laundry done and worked out it would cost us about 30 quid if we did it all in the hotel, so we went on a little trip to find a laundry mentioned in Lonely Planet. The laundry wasn't far from our hotel, and we left almost all our clothes to be washed and it only cost us 4 English pounds!!! Brilliant - and they folded it all up nicely for us to, and it was done in under 6 hours. The hotel would charge you an extra 25% for that.

We also went to a huge touristy market where you could buy almost every souvenir possible, so we've stocked up on those. On the way there we saw a lady with one of the little mobile trolley shops that is a bit like a cupboard, and in the bottom bit was her baby!

Had lunch in a dodgy little cafe - we ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and ended up with a lukewarm pork one. Hmmm.

Had an enormous lemon daquiri in the bar this evening, and stayed up later than 10pm - wow!


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