Machu Picchu day 2
Apr 28, 2005
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Alice in one of the ruins Justin posing in front of the mountains A slightly mistier Machu Picchu than yesterday 
We VOLUNTARILY got up at 5.30am this morning - I hope you're all impressed. We wanted to be up at Machu Picchu nice and early. Had a rubbish breakfast in the hotel - no bread or cereal! Then caught tht 6.30am - Yes, that's 6.30 AM bus up to Machu Picchu

It was really misty and wet, so the views weren't as good as yesterday, but there was hardly anyone there which was really nice, so we explored all the bits we'd missed yesterday. We walked down to Huaynu Picchu gate, to the bottom of the city where it borders with the jungle, and all around the houses. I honestly don't think there's a bit that we missed!

Although it was foggy it gave the city a kind of eerie atmosphere that was nice because it was different from yesterday. I did feel sorry for people arriving though - they hadn't had that spectactular view that we had.

After a while the mist did clear, and we had to take our rain coats off and put on sunscreen and take even more photos. We've got so many - you'll all be bored to tears. I've tried to just select a few for this website. Anyway, we left at about 10.30 because we were absolutely exhausted walking around and up and down and more up, and mostly up, and spraying insect repellent and putting on sun cream, and - well - we went back down the mountain.

Had lunch in a funny little restaurant that seemed to be hosting the American Saga Tours lunch and then caught our 13:20 train back to Cuzco. So we're back, and off to Lima tomorrow.

We had a fantastic time at Machu Picchu, even though we were absolutely filthy and really, really tired when we got back. I managed to get just the one mosquito bite, and Justin doesn't have any which is pretty good going really. We're off for dinner now, and then to bed I think. If anyone's thinking of coming to Peru to see Machu Picchu then DO IT. It is brilliant.

Signing off now.

Alice and Justin x.


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