Bartolome Island
May 9, 2005
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Pinnacle rock at sunset Us in front of Pinnacle rock All the guests from the Isabela II 
Although it looks like we're still on Santiago Island we're not - Bartolome a tiny little island just off the edge of Santiago.

After lunch we did more beach snorkelling. This one was better than the last as there were more rocks to go around, including the famous Pinnacle rock which is in all the Galapagos adverts. We saw some penguins on a rock, and Justin saw one jump in and whizz past. There were also lots of boobies on the rocks, and lots of fish in the water. Unfortunately some mosquitoes decided to visit us and after about an hour we went back to the boat.

We then climbed the 365 steps to the viewing platform. The view was spectacular and well worth the effort. Much better steps than "Prince Philip's" too - they were all wooden. A good last outing in the Galapagos.

Back on board we had cocktails with the captain and then dinner. After which we paid our bill and had drinks on the sun deck with Ken and Judy (unfortunately Derek was ill so he and Bridget didn't make it). We had a last look at the stars from the front of the boat. It was really dark so you could see loads, but also very, very windy so it was a pretty quick look.

Back home tomorrow. We'll be sad to leave the Galapagos, it's a really beautiful place.


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