Punta Vicente Roca, Isabela Island
May 8, 2005
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Here's the cave that we went into A Galapagos penguin Sunset as we cross the equator 
This afternoon we had a panga ride - we were in Mario's group again. We were anchored actually inside a volcano crater that was submerged under the sea. First of all we went out into the open sea, looking for whales, but didn't see any. Then we cruised along inside the crated. It was interesting because there was one particular crater that was kind of cut in half so you could see a cross section and you could see how the lava would flow along and then woosh up into a spout (I think wooshing up is the correct scientific term).

We saw lots of boobies perching on the rock and diving for food, and also lots of penguins fishing and swimming around. There were a few turtles too. At one point we drove into a cave which was really weird and a bit creepy, but interesting. The noise of the sea echoed around making a booming noise.

Then we went out on the open sea again, but still no whales. I was glad we were in Mario's group because Cathy's group got scared and went back!!! Later I found out that some people had seen a hammerhead shark from the sundeck. Never mind, it's not as good as swimming with turtles.

We crossed the equator at about 6.05pm and had celebratory champagne and certificates!!!

This evening we had stargazing with Alex and Cathy. It was really nice because they turned off all the lights on the sun deck so that it was really dark and you could see load of stars, and the milky way, and they had a laser pointer to point out the constellations. We saw the southern cross, scorpio, and loads of others.


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