Punta Espinoza, Fernandina Island
May 8, 2005
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Here's the hawk with her iguana The turtle in the rockpool And a sealion 
Well, we got up at 6am - VOLUNTARILY - for whale watching and were rewarded by seeing a mother and calf. Well, we saw the spouts and the mother's back as she dived. It was thought that they were probably Minky whales. It was nice to see them even from a distance. They were quite big.

The morning trip was on a very barren island. As it's quite young the lava is very hard and infertile and the only thing that grows there is the lava cactus. However there was lots of life! First of all we saw big marine iguanas, some of them swimming in from the sea. Also there were Sally Lightfoot crabs. Then we saw a couple of hawks. The male flew off, but the female stayed. She had a dead marine iguana under her foot that they must have killed and we were able to get really, really close to her.

Then we walked over to the flightless cormorants and saw the babies being fed in the water. They have such funny, useless wings.

In one little pool we saw three big turtles, sea lions, and cormorants! Bonus! Then we went on a short panga ride and saw the Galapagos penguin again.

After this we had some snorkelling. The water was quite shallow, only 1.5 to 2 metres deep, and it was BRILLIANT There were LOADS of turtles and they were huge. Absolutely amazing. We were really, really close to them and I even touched one's shell (it was a bit like a slimy rock). We both took loads of photos with our underwater cameras. There was also a good crevice on the seafloor where you could see lots of fish because you were so close to the bottom. The only downside was that I was really worried about cutting myself on a rock or a barnacle because it was so shallow. The funniest thing was that Mario would swim around and then find a turtle and shout "sea turtle, sea turtle". Everyone would swim over, and then he'd go off and find another one and shout "sea turtle, sea turtle" again. It was a bit like playing "IT" in the water! He ended up shouting "sea turtle" in a really wobbly voice, which made me laugh, and then my mask filled up with water!

Fantastic. How can the afternoon top that?!


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