Here's our itinerary
Apr 16, 2005-London to Lima via Madrid.
Apr 17, 2005-Tour the city, including the Santa Catalina Convent, Plaza de Armas, La Compaa cloisters and the districts of Yanahuara and Chilina with a view of the Misti volcano
Apr 18, 2005-Arrive in Arequipa
Apr 19, 2005-Start tour of Colca Canyon, explore valey and its villates. Stop at the Condor's Cross observation point to spot the Condor. Evening stargazing recommended.
Apr 20, 2005-End of Colca Canyon tour, back in Arequipa
Apr 21, 2005-On to Juliaca to visit Titicaca.
Apr 22, 2005-Tour of Taquile and the isalnds of the Uros on lake Titicaca. The islands are made completely of reeds and can float around when un-anchored.
Apr 23, 2005-Catch the Orient Express Puno to Cuzco
Apr 25, 2005-Pisac Market and Ollantaytambo - an Inca fortress about 500 years old.
Apr 26, 2005-Catch train from Ollantaytambo station to Machu Picchu
Apr 27, 2005-Back in Cuzco - capital of the Inca Empire.
Apr 28, 2005-Tour of the city and nearby ruins including Plaza Regocijo, Plaza de Armas, Cathedral, Santo Domingo Monastry and the old town.
Apr 29, 2005-Back to Lima for a few days rest
May 2, 2005-Fly to Guayaquil
May 3, 2005-Arrive in the Galapagos on Baltra island and transfer to boat. Afternoon trip to North Seymour island to visit the blue footed boobies.
May 4, 2005-Gardner Bay (Hood Island) in the morning, probably some snorkelling here. Punta Surez (Hood Island) in the afternoon with a walk on lava terrain.
May 5, 2005-Point Cormorant (Floreana)early morning trip to see the flamingos, this is where we saw the turtle leaving her nest last time, so fingers crossed! Also the island where the knee incident occurred, so two lots of fingers crossed. More snorkelling, Post office bay in the afternoon (we missed this last time because it was on the day we had the knee incident).
May 6, 2005-Santa Cruz island - visit to the Charles Darwin research station to see the giant tortoises. We'll also be going up to the highlands to look for the Vermillion flycatcher and look at the twin pit craters Los Gemelos. May be able to see giant tortoises in the wild.
May 7, 2005-Darwin bay (Tower island). Lots of birds here - red footed boobies, masked boobies, frigate birds, and all sorts. More snorkelling or lounging on the beach. Opportunity to snorkel and look for hammerhead sharks (yeah right - Shark 1 "Let's try that pale thing flapping about up there", Shark 2 "ok"). Afternoon starts with a ride in the panga looking for penguins, birds, fur seals, and so on, then Prince Philip's Steps on Tower Island. Scary rock steps!
May 8, 2005-Punta Espinoza (Ferdinanda Island). This is the youngest island with lots of marine iguanas and sea lions as well as the flightless cormorant. Afternoon at Urbina Bay (Isabela Island) - look for giant tortoises and land iguanas. Maybe some snorkelling.
May 9, 2005-Puerto Egas (James Island). Lots of lava, birds, and animals including fur seals. Snorkelling from the beach - this is where we saw an enormous ray last time. Afternoon at Bartolome Island where we climb the wooden staircase to to the summit. Fantastic view from the top after all the hard work. There will also be a panga ride around Pinnacle rock to look for penguins, some more snorkelling, and then a farewell cocktail on the boat.
May 10, 2005-Back home via Guayaquil and Madrid
May 11, 2005-Arrive back in London